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Which Survey Should I Choose?

Surrey Surveyors provide comprehensive RICS reports and surveys for properties in and around Surrey. However, when buying a new home, it's important to remember that a mortgage valuation is not the same as an RICS-regulated condition report or survey. This is because our surveys give you detailed information about the property instead of whether it is simply suitable for a bank to lend on.  

Surveys can be requested by the seller or buyer of a home to identify issues. If you wish to stay in your property for many years to come and just want a professional inspection or have any concerns, we are happy to help.

RICS Home Survey (L1)

The RICS Home Survey is ideal for a conventional house, flat or bungalow built from common building materials and in reasonable condition. The report focuses purely on the condition of the property.


The reports traffic light system will let you know what parts of the property require attention and how much.


To assist with this, we advise your legal advisers on replacement parts guarantees and planning and control matters. This report does not include a valuation.

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RICS Home Survey (L2)

If you have a traditionally built home with a property which has not been majorly altered or extended, is in a reasonable condition and is built after 1900, then the Home Buyer Survey (RICS Level 2 Report) is suitable.


This report covers all aspects of environmental issues and a valuation can also be provided (for an additional cost) at the end of the report to give you the reassurance you are paying the correct price.


RICS Building Survey (L3)

The Building Survey (RICS Level 3 Report) offers an extension of the Home Buyer Survey (RICS Level 2 Report) The report offers everything the Home Buyer Survey provides.


However, this report goes into more detail regarding the property- especially important if the building has been non-traditionally built, in a poorer condition, significantly changed or altered or had been built pre-dating 1900. We can make sure this report is tailored to the property, offering greater detail and considering any concerns you may have to offer peace of mind before purchasing. A valuation can also be added to this report.


RICS UK Home Valuation

This is a property valuation for all types of properties including private sales, probates, and Help to Buy.


This includes a simple inspection and a property valuation, and will usually only find matters that could affect your mortgage offer.


Party Wall Awards

If you are carrying out renovations to a property, or your neighbour is about to start works, sometimes disputes may arise when details cannot be agreed upon between each party.

Surrey Surveyors are here to assist when this occurs by offering professional RICS-regulated advice to help resolve the dispute.


In the event an agreement cannot be reached, we can then provide a party wall award. With detailed checks on the party wall condition and everything that will be involved with the works.  

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