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Level 3

✔ 4.6/5 Trust Pilot Rating

Experts in Surrey county properties 

✔ Ideal for larger, older or altered properties

For run-down properties with planned works

Easy to read traffic light reporting system

RICS Level 3
Building Survey

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Home Survey Service

Our surveyor will make a visual inspection of the inside and outside of the property, all permanent outbuildings, boundary walls and fences. The surveyor will bring any equipment required, such as ladders (3m max), lighting and damp meters. The surveyor will record any visible defects and the construction materials of different areas.

From the inspection, the surveyor can provide you with a professional and easy-to-understand detailed visual assessment of the property's condition. 


Survey Day

Our surveyors won't force or open up the fabric of the building. So don't worry about having to refit carpets or flooring after a visit. 

If you have areas of concern that are currently inaccessible, making space for our surveyors by moving anything in the way will allow them to provide greater detail to the report.


To assist in the accuracy of the report, our surveyors  

will ask questions about any matters affecting the property.

When accessible, our surveyor will also provide a report on the condition of visible services such as gas, electricity and water supply.


Your property's energy rating will be included in the report if the surveyor has access to the current EPC (energy performance certificate).

Call the Surrey Surveyors Team Today on:
01932 320 062

The Surrey Surveyors office is open from

8 am - 6.30 pm Monday to Friday

8 am - 4 pm Saturdays

Helping Homebuyers

If you are considering purchasing a property, we think it is advisable to undertake a professional survey, which will allow you to find out the exact condition of the property, including any potential issues, before the sale is completed. By providing a highly professional and experienced surveyor to make sure you are as informed as you can be about the property in question.


A Level 3 Home Buyers Survey is our most comprehensive survey and should be highly considered if the property is unconventional, in a state of repair or a larger / older property. One of our trained experts can help spot and support any minor or significant underlying issues within a property in greater detail, exposing any hidden defects using our highly trained eyes, which are often missed in general viewings.


We can work with you to identify repairs and defects, the timelines and costs associated and discuss the consequences if not acted upon.

Happy Family at Home

What's included in your Level 3 Building Survey

The Level 3 Building Survey is our most detailed survey. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us

A visual inspection of the condition of the property on the date of the inspection

 Highlight any problems and identify urgent or serious areas

 Identify areas which need to be investigated further

 Indicate any dangerous problems within the entire property

✔ Visually inspect concealed areas such as roof spaces and basements

 Share any potential issues or defects before your sale completes

 A clear and easy-to-understand traffic light reporting system

 Help you decide whether you require additional advice before the purchase

 Budget advice for any repairs and restoration

 Advice on ongoing maintenance for the future

 Outline repair options and timelines

 Provide estimates on repairs

 Identify the risks of potential or hidden defects

 Purpose causes of defects within the property

 Provide a market valuation (optional extra)

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